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$DGAZ Trade was up ~70% yesterday

By: StudioCity'98

Doesn't appear as though this idea generated much interest. That's too bad, I wanted to give you guys something that was easy money. I'm gonna keep this updated anyway, as a diary of the trade for future reference if nothing else.

Weds (11-14), I was long $DGAZ from $2.90, it closed Thurs at $4.75, and traded after hours up to $4.98. I sold into the $4.90 level for a 70% 1-day trade.  This is going to be volatile. Honestly, I didn't expect the trade to move my direction so fast. But, since it did I took the easy, quick gift.

The conditions that set this trade up are still in place. Tight Natural Gas supplies & cold weather. As such, $DGAZ is likely to pull back today as Gas is likely to go back up today. $DGAZ should pull back into the #3.50 area, maybe even lower. This is good as it gives one another shot at getting into the Long $DGAZ trade again at a great price.

Another bite at the apple, which rarely happens.

I'll be watching this to load up again in here somewhere. If it pulls back to lows the $3's I may buy it back today. If not, we'll see what Monday brings.  I may buy it back today anyway regardless of where it is as conditions for Natty Gas to fall may break over the weekend. I wouldn't want ti to gap up on me Monday and run away without me in it.

Anyway, there it is if anyone wants it.

To be continued:  

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