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I do. And I didn’t

By: Java

But the further the knife falls the more interested I am I trying to catch it. I get that the $14,000 on $420,000 is a return that doesn’t interest you vis a vis the risk. But I’m not sure you tookninto account my willingness and interest in buying that company at those depressed levels. Falling that far might be a win win. Is apple going to drop to a level of below a 11 pe? 10? I sure don’t see it and if so I think it’s agreat buy It has already fallen from $238 to value levels today. I don’t have the expertise obviously to broad market chase I have to fine specific stocks that interest me. Stocks thst if they fall are things I’d like to own Unfortunately In some cases yes I’ve chased easy money that wound up being cheese in a trap. Since my original post and now I’ve had to roll forward nearly everything that was slated for expiration in dec and Jan as the market has shockingly destroyed those easy expirations for me. I even got burned on uso which was around $15 for a long time and recently sunk below $11. Where I’d had puts for years I thew it fwd a few months and should be ok then but seeing it at 10.86 was most unexpected. Apple? Still mulling that one over So far the onlmy burning that’s happened has been being forced to buy 2500 shares of Ge at $17 when its at $7 right now as a result of a jan 21 out that could be extended further. Everything else so far I’ve been able to roll forward without loss even to present day prices. Market keeps tumbling and I’ll be out of cards sto play there. So we shall see
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