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Didn’t read this till Saturday

By: Java

But had I done that Apple fell to 150.73 yesterday. At 152.50 strike I lose 1.75 minus the 50 cent premium. So 1.25 times 5000 shares. A loss of 6,250. To me that’s riskier since the strike is so close to market price than the $140 months in the future. The future generally is higher. Company earnings tend to rise over time. As does the market. It also allows more time for the fluctuations. The ebb and flow For the statistical mean to prevail over the present temporary volatility. And thus to have a greater chance at a long term win. Is this not logical tho king? Yes the $140 would have netted me $4 at the time maybe $4.50. And yes it’s $10.89 now. But given the knife has fallen further? I wouldn’t sell at $140 now. I’d be looking more at $120. Where I can sellnot for $4.90. I’m finding this pretty irresistible right now. Haven’t done anything. But I’m having a hard time seeing how Apple is not an amazing deal at $120 and how I’d be paid nearly $5 a share if it doesn’t fall that far and if it does? My break even net cost for buying Apple would be about $115 a share at that point Literally half of where it was this summer. How you not get excited about that?
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