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We're working on different time frames..

By: StudioCity'98

....I see every tick in Real Time.  I guess you see them end-of-day or something.  So my Pro example wouldn't make any sense to you.

I posted a trade one might take as I saw it in the moment on Thursday morning as a Pro or Market Maker would.  The following day on Friday morning the market rallied 300 Dow pts before selling off at the close.

The $0.51 Options to be sold that I posted about fell to $0.02 at 8:30am PST on Friday.  The Pro would have closed the trade immediately never letting price fall past the strike.

Please read below.  I took time to try and explain as much as I could without having you in my office training someone as an Assitant Trader Associate.

If you have questions after carefully reading below I'll try to explain further.

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