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I was wondering

By: Java

So it turns crazy?  I was afraid of that.  Bummer.  Maybe I'll get a place down there for the winter.  Summers up here are fun.  lake is 85.  It's hot.  I hate crowds.  I hate parking problems.  


Not sure why we didn't dive Laguna.  Did Catalina Saturday, 57 degrees.  CDM SUnday at 54 degrees.  I mean.  Yeah.  I hate the cold.  Wetsuit of not, that was nuts.  I was in the water Saturday for 3 dives totaling about 80 minutes and Sunday maybe 20 minutes.  So yahoo, certified, now I am gonna do resort diving in Belize, Madlives, Fiji.  Though I hear Fiji has sea snakes.  Hmmmm


Not as concerned about airport.  What I noticed about CDM was it was easy freeway access right at Fashion Island.  1:35 to my house.  Easy pleasnt drive.  1:25 from Newport.  Like 1:15 from Tustin, 1:05 from Yorba Linda, 55 from Corona.  Optimal traffic, beautiful Sunday.  Too bad I didn't have a convertible   If I can navigate those freeways at the right time of day?   Would not mind those jaunts.  


Don't know where places that face or on the water run.  I also know I doubt I'd get anything big.  Shoot.  Maybe I'd get a place and use it as an Air BNB to pay the property taxes.  


Just priced that area on Zillow.  That was rather surprising.  






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