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By: Art_Vandalay

lets go... who is in?  I need one of you fools to look at a deal, invest $500, $1000, whatever, sit back and brag when you're rich bittsh....

I own Equifund.com - working with a few great companies.  Best one is a Sports Media company that works with the largest bookies in the world and hanicappers.  So, you like USC, Lakers, you can skim through the daily content each day and at bottom of each article is a call to action, "Bet tonights game, click here" 

Secret sauce won't be talked about on this board.  

If you like Pot, I got a killer deal no brainier.  Profitable already.  Fasttrack to going public.  

So, we got 1 sports deal going out Q1, also the pot deal, one tech deal and Lifestyle deal  ($14M, 27% EBIDA).  

I love all the deals but feel like Pot deal is most likely to not go big.  With that said Pot deal is very good compared to LBUY.  LBUY is a deal we did 18 months ago.  We invested over 2M in that sheeethole and 2 years later their revenues have not increased much.  They just bought a company that has good tech but we'll see what they do with it.  I do not like or dislike LBUY at this time.  My guess is it might go up next week then trend down.  

ICOX you can buy for probably 30 cents. I like this one.  

XSPT at 15-18 cents, that one I think is good. 

NDVN could be a good buy at 55 cents.  

POYN at 60 cents I like ONLY because there is only 1M shares I&O.  very few FREE TRADING shares and their quarterly report says they are looking to do a RTO (Reverse Merger of sorts).  What normally happens is they forward split the stock so if you buy at 60 cents and it goes 3/1 forward, and the newco is good, could be a nice risk/reward.  

Well - check back in 5 months and compare all these stocks to where they are at in summer.

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