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Opportunity Zones

By: Art_Vandalay

certainly I"m moving out of this POS state.... 14% tax rate going way up with Gavin.  0% in many states.  I can keep my houses here and VRBO them.  

If you guys want to put a little fund together, $50K each or something, Holllywood can manage the LLC, I have a few areas we can buy in Opp Zones and make good money on rentals.  We pay 0% on the gains.  There is 3 levels but we pay 0% to feds in this deal.  It can be more to Feds if you sell before 3 years.  10 year hold is 0% tax.  Calif does not conform is only bad part so you do have to pay something if you live in this dump.

ICOX at 25-30 cents is good guys.  I don't have ANY involvement but they called me back and I spoke to their CFO yesterday.  They just raised a bunch of money at $1.00 a share.  There is only 20M shares total, I&O.  Of that only a few million in the float.  Since these guys don't understand how to run a pubco the stock isn't trading yet.  

If they sign our contract, this is a $1.50 in my sleep.  Bishezzz...


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