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By: Art_Vandalay

you have the old Art email? If you hit me let me know so I can check that thing.   we're rich bish, you can start spending your money.  I got this.   FYI, had you invested in BLQN at 10 cents like 40 of my buddies a few years before myself and you bought closer to 1.00 then you would have crushed. I got greedy. I should have stayed put as I had put 10K in at 10 cent years earlier.   

these deals are next level.  way better.  They say you learn as you go.  30 year olds make more than 40... 50 make more than 40. etc.  

I'm there bish.  Equifund.com is my deal.  Cost over 1M to get to this point and we launch in 30 days.  As good as the deal will be on Equifund, i got to get you some shares b4 it goes live on equifund.  bish

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