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Model 3. So far so good...

By: bigballss

Its more expensive than Tesla pitches if u get it fully loaded. Im not a car guy but the bells and whistles and gadgetry is awesome. Makes me think, why dont all cars have this? For example, no car keys. Car is linked to your smartphone. I approach the car, phone in hand or pocket and the car unlocks, i walk away it locks itself. The car never turns on and off, its like your phone, just goes into sleep mode when not in use. You open the xar door, get in and drive off. Im looking forward to the "Summon feature". The car drives itsel to pick you up at a mall or sporting event. Fawker is QUICK too. I charge up once every 2 weeks in my garage, it cost me about 8.00 per charge and i get 300 miles. 16 bucks a month. ( i dont have a daily commute, dont drive much).

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