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please explain why

By: Conquest2000

tarrifs are a good idea?   The added cost is passed along to the American consumer.  Our goods are then hit with tarrifs.  The reason we are a slave to Chinese goods is the labor cost.  The tariffs are not going to equalize that.  If the tariff adds 10% in cost it still doesn't make the American made product cheaper in comparison.  We just end up paying more and its the retaliatory tariffs that kill us, because our goods are more expensive to produce, our margins are thinner so we cannot afford to pass along that cost along to a foreign market.  So we lose.  I mean the stock market says it all.  Even dumber is the fact the items that are produced in the united states are really only assemled here.  All those parts come from overseas if they cost more the cost to assemble gets to a point where you cannot assemble here anymore those jobs are lost.  See Carrier, Ford 150 pick ups, etc.  

My only thinking is that these tariff proclomations are ways for Trump to let his buddies short the market.  The fed rate increase and now the tariffs have tanked the market some 500 points the last two days, his buddies sell and then buy back in.  His presidency is turning into a pattern of this.  500 to 2500 point drops with surges to all time high levels, then these falls but only when he Trump says something.  When he keeps his mouth shut the market does fine. 

If you want to punish the chinese do it through our banks make it impossible for them to move money around and purchase shit in the united states.  While Trump fights this imaginary trade war the chinks are buy up american business infrastructures left and right.  Supply Chain companies, companies that provide the goods and services that allow for American mfg, tons of american agricultural businessses have been scooped up by the chinks.  Thats the war we ought to be fighting.  

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