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Taxes are used to direct behavior

By: Java

The government every day picks winning and losing behaviors. Lifestyles and industries they want people to invest in. We can’t ban Chinese imports. We choose to make them more expensive so people can find alternate suppliers. My company was buying gThousands of dollars of Chinese water coolers every month. The tariffs have now raised the price on them to make them equivalent to Korean water coolers. Korean water coolers now cost the same amount but are more consistent in their supply line and are better made. So guess what we are buying now? We are buying Korean water coolers . My company adjusted; others will too. China will be hurt. And they won’t be allowed to consistently steal trade and tech secrets without consequence. Trump is doing what clinton. Bush and Obama all knew they should be refused due to lobbying pressure I admire trump for taking this on. He’s doing it because it’s right. Not because of what the polls say
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