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CryptoCurrencies & Digital Assets

By: StudioCity'98

Greetings WW,   Been a while since I've been back here.  Other than the sad state of USC football, hope you dudes are well.

So...anyway. I thought I would add something for you guys to consider. If you have not already...might want to add a few sheckles to a digital wallet, develop a Key Pair, and buy some Bitcoin ($BTC), as your first investment or speculation to your FU money account.

I've had $BTC, since 2012. Sold it the first week in Dec '17 [(Facebook post urging others to sell,)  to prove it], and then bought $BTC back (and some other coins) in Feb '19 at about ~$3800.  Now, $BTC is back up ~$10,600.

Due to the ongoing competitive currency devalutions and general distrust of Global Central Banks flooding global M2 like nothing I've ever seen, global citizens are buying up $BTC, and others as a natural instinct to maintain their purchasing power parity.

Addionally, the thing is these thing are NOT going away.  I've been in the Capital Markets since the early '90's and I have never seen anything like this in term of investment of sheer brainpower and Capitol enter a space like this ever in my life.  The smartest young minds on the planet, and the smartest Venture Cap invesotrs have entered this Digital Asset space like nothing I've ever seen either.

Bitcoin is going much much higher. Like no shit for real much higher.  $20K, $50, $100K is not unreasonable wild noise anymore.  I've seen very interesting models that suggest 7 - 8 digits. Sounds crazy, right?  It's not.

Some other coins that represent various consensus protocols will likely have percentage (%) appreciations that beat the pants off of whatever $BTC may do.

I can write more about this and possibly other coins, or tokens if there's any interest here. You guys let me know if you find this of interest.


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