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I do see it. But gaining the trust

By: Java

Of regulatory authorities is years away. And I’m the meantime companies like Tesla and nio are losing their shirts. Identifying am industry for growth is one thing. Identifying winners is another. I knew on day 1 the Internet would be transformative. However betting on specific companies to be market leaders was problematic. After all. Most of us back in 1999 or so would have bet on Netscape. AOL. And who else? Dell maybe? Microsoft? So people pointing out emerging industry’s like driverless cars. Cannabis. And 5G. Missed the point. We all know those are emerging industries. The question is how do you ride that wave and what horse do you pick to ride? I’m desperately trying to find companies that will benefit and grow from 5g. I think the driverless car space is really Fragmented and unclear at this point. Ditto cannabis but I won’t get in that space for the same reason I don’t invest in tobacco or alcohol
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