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11/8 Investment opportunity

By: Art_Vandalay

art_vandele@hotmail.com - 

Sports Media and tech company with apps that have over 170,000 downloads in 6 months... Two way better apps are being developed.  Must see apps, sports gambling related.  Got a few assets like this dumb site.  

If you like the tech, the team, etc. you should take a closer look at what we are building.  We will need some sports content guys. I have the former lead media guy from Chargers, i have Jim Hill that has agreed to come on board of advisers after he sees the beta test of our big time app, we have major distribution as evidecne by our app PROBET in store now, etc.  To date we have spent $0.00 in marketing yet are closing in on 200,000 downloads.  Nobody can do that but us.  

Remember Halftime Media.  We are not raising money today as we don't need it. Equifund has agreed to raise us the first 1M but in order to get our valuation up they want to see the next app.  

I can show you the best things I've done and the worst things.  Truth is every year I've learned some hard lessons and earned some money doing sheeet right.  The older you get the more experience, confidence you get so I love this space.  



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