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Tesla will run out of cash

By: Art_Vandalay

Toyota will crush them like a bug when they are ready.  Hydrogen is the future anyway.  Way better technology, way better range, etc.  Infrastructure is the issue today.  There is only one fill in OC.  Toyota is thinking 40-50 years out right now.  Their hydrogen tech is solid already and its just beginning. 

Tesla's stock has done great, but valuation is so high the first time the markets get gittery this one will go WAY the fawk down. This stock is about as risky as they get.  

NDVN will be the best play on 2020.  By June I bet its doubled and potetnailly up 300-400%.  A group i work with invested $4M at $0.37.5 last year and the same exact group put in $4M of NDVN too at 37 cents.  once they turn on the PR machine look what happened to NDVN.  Can they replicate it?  I'll try to find out wtf they are waiting for.  They usually wait a year.. its been a little longer than that. 

NDVN has good revenues, growth, technology...  i don't feel its the best PUBCO because their tech is hard to explain.  

The cannabis stocks are interesting. I think those will get beat up again when the markets get gittery... its coming.  markets can't go up froever. no matter how many Trumps are running the show.  

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