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BB remember my put sale of Baba?

By: Java

Little roller coaster what with the trade war.  Did it in June.  Just expired Jan 17.  Made $10.200 free money  I say this and bring it up because we all debate like armchair QB's but I did it and tried to update y'all as the months went on.


Having said that.  I had 28 options of various types open as the year wound down.  Had some expire in late November, December, Jan.    28 is way too many and if you saw what I was on the hook for you'd have told me to knock it off.  So I did,


Let them all die on the vine and wound up making about $250K on the deal.  I have to admit though.  That's a pretty nerve wrackign way to make a quarter mil on the deal.  Even if it's side money, meaning something you manage and act on once or twice a month.  Problem is you follow it daily and your stomach turns.    Many people would say making that in 6 months is worth any price.  The more you make the less accurate that statement is. 


I now have 9 open puts and calls.  4 expire in March and 2 more in June.  Note that I have not rushed to jump back in the pool.    Some of the ones that burned me like PCG (PG & E) I had to double down on to stay above the line.  Means if things turn south again I'm eveb more screwed.  Lucky for me my exposure drops to 5 after March, 3 after June.


Been a really interesting ride.  With the market continuing upward and the need to generate cash more of an ego thing, I am definitely backing off.  Think I will wait until we get a little more up down or sideways action for awhile before I keep betting on this thing to go up and up.   Problem now, funny you all mention cash.  Is I have way too much of it sitting around making nothing in the Ameritrade account.

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