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Pot stocks are awful for 2 reasons

By: Java

1) hate the industry and what is stands for.  Think there are way more opportunities for contrarian and opportunistic investing.  Go look for the next plane crash, he said darkly.


2) For those without a soul who are still reading.  Think 1998-2001 early internet.  We all knew he CONCEPT was a winner but no one knew WHO was goign to emerge a winner.  netscape?  Dell?  AOL?  Microsoft?    Pot is so fragmented right now that a bet on the industry as a whole is fraught with danger.  You don't know WHICH stock to invest in and even a pot index fund (is there one?( might not work as much of it's been run up.  Speculative.  Further, as supply increases and the euphoria of ne wears off, I think the price falls for it and people kind of go "bleh" Peple who make money do so on the black market and Caliofnria is not interested in criminal prosecution.  Same folks who operat3ed outside the law the last 40 years will continue to do so.  That doesn't make for good Wall Sreet investing.  But it does hurt legit companies.

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