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By: Art_Vandalay

only failed because of 2009.... name me one person who invested and won?  everything went down.  Balqon literally did get the one $5M order from PORT of LA but their $100M order was cancelled.  

The bad part is, we are due for another big recession now so every investment could go down.  

NDVN - I bought 5K more shares yesterday on accident. I tried to put a order in at 35 and didn't put my limit order in and got it at 38... 

For my BLQN guys I'm getting them in at 5 cents per share in first round of Halftime Media.  Super low valuation.  This is high risk but super high reward.  If you know my name type it in and you'll see I was president of NASDAQ company at $12 a share and it went to $85.   So, I was less experienced investor in 2009 than I am now.  I was just a shareholder of BLQN as well so had no control...

NDVN i have no control either but a very powerful group is well positioned at 37.5 cents per share in that one.  I like those odds vs. betting superbowl either way.

My recommendation to you is never invest if you don't know there is a possiblity to lose.  you are looking for inside info, guaranteed it appears.  

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