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By: Art_Vandalay

what I hate about life is me.... For 3 years, i have been very vocal  on this board, on my social media, in life to buddies..... Always said, "In Q1 of 2020, the markets will crash and be unstable all year until after election."  

People would say, "Why Vandalay? this is solid, that is graet, this is good."  I said same thing everybody, "I don't freaking know but its happening." 

The thing is it doesen't matter becasue I failed to put money where mouth is.  Once I saw what was happening a few weeks ago I bought this SH stock (as I wanted to get puts and be leveraged big) but its only gone up 4 bucks or some sheeet.


I hate me for being able to call this stuff to a tee but too big a puzzzzur to do it.  It was more lazy or 5050/lazy and pzuzzur... I did open my Interactive account two months ago in prep. i finally sent my money in Friday last week but now its like, "I do think its going lower still but the price on these puts are not great like they were."  Fawk

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