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Gold prices

By: Art_Vandalay

see if you follow this

as this is some interesting times... I'm seeing things happen that I've never seen happen before.. My gold finance guy is brilliant... He's got a PHD and on Friday he told me gold and silver price would continue to fall..... at some point he said the price will skyrocket to new all-time highs.. He explained why... Will he be right? who knows..  He predicts in several months to even further out...

I've been following gold/silver since 2001 when I started buying it.
Today, as predicted, the price of Silver/gold dropped.  Silver all the way to $12.50 an ounce...  I talked to my buddy this morning and he said, "Call your dealers, i bet you can't buy any... The prince is not real, its paper gold that is manipulated."    So I called... $21.57 per ounce is the best price they have of the 3 big outfits.  The smaller guys won't sell any or they don't have any.  So, the spread used to be close to the spot price so last year I could have got silver for $13.40 or something.  You pay a premium, that's how dealers make the money...  
Then I'm thinking, I'm not going to buy any physical at those prices.. That's crazy... I thought, "I'm just going to load up on my favorite gold stocks and wait."   For 20 years, when the price of gold falls, the stocks get crushed...  Today, first time I can remember, gold gets crushed, but the stocks are 10% higher.  
I feel a momentary reset coming in the next year or two.  Worldwide... Governments, including US, cannot afford to service their debt anymore so their only option is 0% rates, no where to run anymore....  Should be interesting to see what happens.  

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