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Winners losers and losers when

By: Java

This is over.  For sure travel related industry will be hit for a long time.  China I think will revert to it's government interventionist rigging cheating ways.  They will still lose.


Huge loser here?  DISNEY.  Their entire company just collapsed.  Many companies have divisions that hurt.  Especially diversified operations.  But Disney?  THese park business, CLOSED.  ESPN?  Sports closed, their cash cow is now drowning.  Movie business?  Can't film AND can't show them if you did.  CLOSED to new releases.  Cruise line?  OMG that may never return with the disaster of the Princess Cruise line.  I have a good friend who booked cruises for Princess for 5 years.  Until december.  So glad she got out.


So what does Disney have?  They have ABC.  They have DIsney channels.  THey have DIsney plus streaming which is getting off the ground.  That's not nearly enough to compensate for the rest.  Disney stock went from 145 to 88 the past month.


Disney just borrowed 6 BILLION in notes due over the next 10-20 years.  Did so Thursday.


Further, their buyout of Fox and others leaves them $73 billion in debt.

The house of Mouse may have huge problems and not enough time to get out from underneath them. 


I own some Disney and was initially excited to get them on Discount.  Now?  I am thinking twice about this one.

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