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WHy not buy USO?

By: Java

Which I did when Oil was stupidly steady or declining and lost my shirt.  Am wondering whether this is a better time  I hated USO but why not essentially by the commodity directly in this manner?


I have a fair amount of Oil.  BP, Shell.  XLE.  And Kinder Morgan and Williams.  


Debating buying more.  Problem is I already owned more than I wanted and this means diving into the oil pool deeper. Tempting though.  Right now bought a bunch of TQQQ at $40ad have an order in for 15,600 more shares at like $41.40 tomorrow.  Think the stocks on NASDAQ are likely to benefit from this faster than oil will recover.  


Wish I had bought Abbott a few weeks ago.  Bet they're doing well.  I ahve been flirting with that company for months trying to sell them coffee and water.  

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