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Funny thing

By: Java

I initially bought BP when they blew up and ruined half the Gulf of Mexico.  When was that 2011?  Figured that was a good time to buy.  Man that was expensive and interestingly, your dividend strategy would be the only thing that has saved me there.  The stock kinda went nowhere but they paid 5-6% yearly sooooo.


Shell.  Don't remember why I bought it.  Probably dividends again and maybe 2014.  Same deal.


XLE same thing same era.  Bought USO about the same time and that smelled to high heaven.  Hated it.  They even charged me a fee and lost.  It sucked.


Kinder Morgan and Williams.  Dividends collapsed.  Should never have trusted Rich Kinder after Enron.  


So why did I hold onto them?  Assumed oil was destined to return and it gradually was.  Things were just stabilizing.  Getting back to where I'd invested.  Returns were good and I was JUST thinking of diversifying out of Natural gas and oil.  Then the Russians and Saudis decide to have an oil war.  Something I'd normally celebrate since I hate both of them.  Not this time.  Then the world got sick


So here we are.  At the bottom of the pond.  And yeah, I own what used to be about $3 million of oil.  It's probably $600,000 now.  Haven't looked.  Really skeptical about jumping into that black pool with more, but I have a fair amount of cash that I am going to regret not investing in a few years if I don't move quick.  Maybe I'll just pop it in VOO until I can think of something better.  

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