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I'll ask more about that later

By: Java

I haven't sold any.  I bought at 40-41 as I've mentioned.  It's mid to high 60's now.  


I put a stop loss order in at $60 I think.  For a stock that triples the volatility of NASDAQ that's a pretty narrow range and could happen in a single day.  Only would be a 10-15% drop.


Anyway I'll ask more later but that's a good idea.  If it dropped to 60 and I was therefore cashed out I would have to live with making about 50% in a short time and no one is going to complain about that.  I just know in this world making a million is something many people spend a lifetime trying to achieve.  Making two mouse clicks and seeing it happen in 2-3 weeks is something I'd rather not piss away completely.  I still remembering pulling weeds for $2 either an afternoon or an hour, I forget which.  I was probably 10-12.  Man my hands hurt.  So these kinds of numbers I don't take lightly.  Only when I buy.  To me buying is all fake money.  It's when I look to sell or manage what I have that it becomes real.  You'd think it would be the opposite. 

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