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I don't gamble. too much stress

By: San Clemente

The way I look at it is if I put a stop loss at more than I paid for it, I know I made that profit and can get it anytime I want.  in the mean time I am making 7 percent on my money  in dividends with zero risk of losing my original investment.  Where else can you find that?  If I leave it in there for a year I only have to pay capital gains on it when I sell it.  


Vanguard lets you put in a stop loss for 60 days.  It doesn't cost anything to change it. Hard to avoid the temptation to move up the stop loss. I have moved it up a couple of times and locked in profits since then mostly because without any sports I am bored out of my skull and just want to see what happens.  So far so good.  Risk is not losing money, it's getting kicked off the playing board and having to pay more in taxes out of the profits. 


When VDE dropped to 35 it seemed like a no-brainer.  Any lower and companies would go out of business.  Most I ever could have lost was 1 percent of the orginal principle because of the original stop loss I put in, and yes that made me nervous. Ok,  it is gambling, but  I convince myself that the one percent loss would have been the fee to play,  lol. sc 

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