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Oh I wasn't complaining

By: Java

The amount of money I made in such a short time was making my knees shake.  Needed to lock that in and did.   Now oddly, I can make $2 a share trailing TQQQ with puts as I ride it up the charts.  And if it comes down I buy it.  That works for me too.  We are talking about enough shares that I think we are looking at $90,000 every 2-3 weeks.  That's an astounding amount of money and if it drops then I get it at a good price.  


I'm not the smartest guy in the world.  Takes me a few minutes to figure things out.  And sometimes I have to take a couple days and wonder what to do next.  But I have 3-4 investing tricks, and if I can keep going back and forth between the few I have, usually one of them applies and I can do ok.  Now I am just sad I am not going to live another 200 years.  Having what I do and knowing what I do, I could make some serious money over the next century.  

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