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everybody has a system. lol

By: San Clemente

everybody's system works when the market rebounds or any bull market.  


Trick is to be able to pull off magic when the market goes the other way.  


I wish I knew how to "bet" the housing market was going to collapse in 2008.  I told anyone that would listen that it was a bubble going to pop.  When they listed the top 250 money makers in the OC in the Register , they got half way though that list until they got to what I made at the time. And yet I didn't think I could afford to move into newport coast.   A friend of mine was borrowing out of his house (back wall shared with a grocery store)  in central OC that got appraised at over 900K.  He paid 250k the prior decade.   Leverage may make some people rich in a rising market , but leverage goes both ways. 


Truth is if I knew how to short the real-estate market back then, I doubt I would have had the stones to put the money on the table.


I like learning this stuff, but dividends let me sleep at night.  sc  



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