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And TQQQ is at 76

By: Java

I agree with you.  I think the market is ahead of the conomy and think that people are going to be in for a little shock when they realize how long they will have to wait to get their money back.  Yeah, we will come back.  But the question is, will it be a toaster oven, a regular overn or a crock pot?  The market is pricing it like it's going to be a microwave.  It's wrong.  


I say somewhere between the toaster oven and the crock pot.


I think you're right.  I am kicking myself for selling out of TQQQ now of course, but if it were at $76 I owuld be having anxiety daily about when to get out.  


The weird thing is that if QQQ is at a high, why isn't TQQQ?   It's all time hish was around $110


Me?  I am selling puts for $2  share since I got out at $60.  I have done it twice.  The way I look at it, it's the equivalewnt of having sold out at $64.  My latest is same number of shares I sold at $52.  THey expire this Friday.  I'd like to get back in for $2 more but unfortunately that will mean I am committing to buy back in at $64 or 65.  I don't like that.  If I can do that every 2-3 weeks, then after a couple months I'll be at about $10 which in addition to my $60 sale means I'll basically be at $70.


My concwernis what happens if this thing turns around fast when people wake up.  Because that QQQ and TQQQ (triple effect) will ank and FAST.


I agree Amazon is doing well.  Wal Mart etc.  I initially bet on TQQQ because I felt Nasdaq had more stocks of the type that owuld benefit from networking and remote work.  Salesforce, Facebook, Linked In.  Stuff like that.  Amazon of course.  I still believe that but unfortunately it appears many other people do too and might have bid that concept right out of the water.


And unfortunately for you and me, that means we have to be creative and contrarian yet again.  The reason that sucks is that you only have so many brilliant times and opportunities to make easy money.  You see I just did one.  We are not genies.  You and I don't just sit there and say "oh, the market moved, now for my next trick, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat"  DOesn't work like that.  So now that I kind of feel like I ahve been found out or exposed, I am kinda wondering what my next move should be.  It's not like I sit her eand have a ton.  Every few years something seems obvious to me.  Elon shooting off his mouth and gonna tank his stock.  This Nasdaq collapse and the opportunity it presented.  It's nto a weekly event for me.  My problem is now I'm sitting on a big pile of cash and the market isn't acting rationally anymore.





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