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Think about this SC

By: Art_Vandalay

and I'm not going to say or tell you I know what will happen but consider this.  

Nobody has ever seen what happens when you pump $7T into the markets.  They may put another $3T into the economy.  What happens?  That's a lot of freaking money.  I could see a scenario we go into a depression and the market goes to 40,000.  lol.  

Now, I"m with you,  it seems like the market has to get hit hard before going up.   If you followed me on social media, from the night Trump was elected I said go long on stock but short the market in Q1-2020 because if the Dems crash the market now, it will be Obama.  The only way to get Trump out is to crash it in 2020.  

I always said, "I don't know what it will be.  Consumer debt - national debt - whatever" but I knew it was going down. I believe the market will crash one more time and the perfect timing is like July or August.  It may happen before but if it happens too soon the markets might be doing well in NOV.   

A lot to think about.  THis will be the largest transfer of wealth in history.  Make sure you are on the right side bitzhezzz

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