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would be cool to

By: Art_Vandalay

have a stock tracker somehow, where I click your name, see your picks, I can see the dates you made those picks, what you said and where those stocks are today.  

Like a MONEY CLUB...    I own SWELL HOLDINGS - we have only 12 investors but we talk, vet deals and do sheeet together.  We should do this on a big scale Java?  what do you think?  I'll have my developer build it out...  If you really want to attract some guys, real guys, to talk investment, we need to change the format a bit.  I can drive a lot of guys here.  In Swell, I got a USC grad who crushed it for 20 years at Roth Capital.  Great guy I went to Servite with.  He helps with companies trying to get to big board (not OTC or Pink)...   I got the CEO of a Fortune 200 company who crushes.  Two small/family fund managers.  Plus value add guys I've worked with for years. ONe of them does Road Shows for public companies across the country so he has pools of people in every major city that invest.   I have access to all of them.

ANyway, CrowdFunding is the future but there are some problems with it.  I think we've figured it out and solving those 2 major problems so...  

Just an idea to help you drive traffic to this shithole. lol.  



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