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Hope you make a mint

By: Java

my kid too.  As Ive said before and you just saw it play out.  I am good at smelling blood in the water and knowing when to attack.  I smell weakness and panic and jump in.  As I age I am more patient about waiting for the panic to get to a fevered pitch.  Not just fake panic but real panic.  But getting out?  I just don't seem to have a good feel for that.  I could ahve afforded it if TQQQ had turned around.  Problem is, I'm still that kid who pulled weeds for $2 an afternoon inside.  So when I make almost a million in a month or less?  OMG that's some real money right?  I don;t live extravagantly, few bills.  I bet I could live nearly a decade on that if it were after tax.  All in a MONTH!  SO I think these things and walk away from the table.  Alas, players play and losers walk.  Glad you're still in the game lol



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