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Tqqq is at $96 I’m an absolute genius

By: Java

For selling At $60. I’ve sold puts 5 times at $2 each now. Means my net is at $70. But I’ve still got $26 I left on the table with that stock. When it shoots up $5 a week like this it’s hard to make it back $2 at a time every 2-4 weeks. But this is where you have to dismiss emotion as an investor and just keep plugging along. Tell yourself ok. You bought at $40. You sold at $60. You’ve made another $10 on puts. $40 to $70 is great in 3 months for anyone. Anywhere. So don’t worry that other people are making more. And the stock can’t shoot up this fast forever. If you’re making $2 a share once a month on anything. You’re getting a sensational return so quit being jealous and greedy of others lol
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