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Btw I wouldn’t call that a failure

By: Java

But I lost my trades here warts and all because I want people to see that sometimes it’s huge success. Other times huge failure. And most of the time it’s something in between. You can see w tqqq that It hasn’t gone according to plan but it’s been a success. Others have made more but I’ve done nicely. My dad always believed in avoiding disasters. Trying to make good decisions and hit singles. He’d say that occasionally a single would be a hr and when you hit one you cash in and go back to hitting singles. You can see I kind of sid that with tqqq. Anyway I Post all of this so others can educate me and give me ideas since I’m a pretty simple person. And so that someone who doesn’t believe all the advertising hype of “I bought google at 10 cents a share and now you can own the next google” can see my stuff and be like “ok there’s a way to make some money doing this”. Naturally the scale and scope changes. When I was 25 I wasn’t playing with 8 figures. 7 figures. Shoot I was playing with 3 figures. Lol. In fact when I started this board I was probably playing with 4 figure investments. $1,000 to $5,000 at a time. True story.
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