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I got Anally raped Sanduskied

By: Java

And it ain’t over. So. As you know I share my trades here. I sold some calls on tesla. Strike of 1050. December. Price was 966. Now it’s 1200 and all potential gain is gone and we still have 5.5 Months to go. Oh but today. Last week I dipped my toe I. The water and sold 1. Just 1 call. That’s 100 shares peeps. Got 19.80 for it so I put $1980 in my pocket. Easy 2g right? All tesla had to do was stay under $1000 for a week. So here we are. Strike day. Easy money and it’s at $1200. That means I lost $20k in a week. $18k od you balance what I got. So I’m 18k under and the bigGer loss might be coming in 6 months. Someone wanna gp sneaks into the tesla factory and sabotage all the cars? Drop a leak to the press that Elon is dying of sheep aids? $1000 in it for ya. Asking for a friend.
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