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The Monday CLUB - see my post below this

By: Art_Vandalay

This company is a group of motivated, young entrepreneurs...   Everybody is invited to throw $100 or something in except Lexo.  Fawk liberals.  Money making is for smart people. 

About 18 months ago I sold their first app in this space for $2.45M called GREENLIGHT.  This app was in the middle of a BETA test when I sold it, the app had done over $20M of transactions nin 4 months.   They wanted to sell it so they could focus on DROP..

Here are the positives of this particular deal:

1. techology company originally built and customized for Cannabis industry.  SAAS software that enables delivery companies to run their business, delivery more efficiently.   POS, Loyatly program, Logisitics, CRM, etc.  its one stop shop.  They have companies in 4 states using them on 12 month contracts.  They are still a start-up but growing revenues each quarter. 

2. This is a private company who wants to go public on the AMEX or larger exchange.  I brought in a 20 year Roth Capital and former USC grad to help guide them and give them the goals in order for him to get it underwritten.  THey hammered their valuation back from $15M to $8M.  Structure is tight, low, very fair valuation.  If they go public as planned, I predict this is a 10 banger at least.  

3.  Jeff Katz is one of several impressive people who joined board - he sold his Payments company for over $2B... Jeff wants to handle payments and build their POS out with stronger technology...  Jeff has a $30M vacation home in Laguna beach by my office.  Whenever i see guys like this meet a team, see the upside and want to be involved, its a good sign.  


Equifund is a company owned by some long time buddies.  One of them is worth $50M or so and out of HB.  He has a huge direct mail and online marketing company.  The data they have access to for free is unreal.  ANyway, they lauched DROP yesterday and next TUESdAY they start to market the offering.  The plan is to raise $1M quickly at this lower valuation then, if they can reach $100K a month in MRR, they will raise $5M at a valuation closer to $22M before going public.  They didn't want to do this deal unless DROP agreed to let them raise them $5M in Round 2.  

Always some risk but if you invest $100.00 you can follow and either call me names if you lose or gloat if you make a 10 or 20 bagger... Because there are several Crowd Funding portals.  They are whorzzz... Equifund won't list a deal they don't know the management. they won't list a deal if the valuation isn't good for their investors.  The idea is, instead of invest $25,000 in one deal, through a few hundred into 10 deals.  Just one deal makes it big, you win.  I believe Equifund is solving the 2 major problems with CF.  One, valuation has to be better than fair.   Two, make sure management is focused on an exit.  

OMBEE.com is going to go up next - if anybody has a standup desk, I will get you the devide you stand on for cost $25 about... This thing i manufactured in LA and solid... Standing static is not much better than sitting all day.  Very bad for you.... you stand on this thing, all the micromovements it takes to stand on this device is awsome.  In January I met with the head Neurologist at UCI who loved this product so much he offered to invest $10K AND be on the board of the company.  I don't really know how this deal looks until a valuation is established but the device is awesome.  Retail $149.  

I think one of you idiots, maybe Java, starts a moneyclub...   We find good startups, great management, good space (recession proof), etc. and go.


BTW, since COVID, DROP is getting calls for PIZZA places, pharmacies (old people don't want to come in), liquor stores that want to deliver locally.  With the money they are raising, the first thing they are doing is customizing DROP for restaurants for 2 LOIs they have.  Big time market. 

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