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Link and opp

By: Art_Vandalay



So, maybe somebody like Java, starts a little Moneyclub fund, I'll invest... maybe its 100 of us each bring in 10 buddies so that would be $1000 x 1000 people in the club.


That's $1M...  We can leverage this money without taking much risk.  For example, I have done this now with my own money where I bridge these smaller companies to their raise on Equifund.  So, I ask for 7% on my $40,000....  I got that back  each time so far....  I also take 2% of the company to bridge them to their financing.  The RISK is IF Equifund fails to raise them a minimum of $150,000, I have to convert my loan to shares at a pre-negotiated price.  My attorney has it locked down so the ONLY way I get stuck in a company is if Equifund fails.

Equifund is built by the best marketing guys around. All i need to do is show you who and you will see, no crowdfunding portal can compete with Equifund.

These guys turn away 9 of 10 deals.  They wnat the valuation to be low...  Most CF sites are whorz and put up any deal at any valuation.  That doesn't work.  Also, Equifund makes sure the team is focused on going public.  That's where our exit comes in. 


I can keep doing myself and will invest alongside if we want to put together even a small fund like 20 of us at $5K each.. That's $100K and we can do damage with that.  Whoever runs it maybe they get a kicker off profits... easy to write up.


My experience has been everytime I invest, people are quite and I don't get to see the bank statements.  Often we find out they are using our investment money for trips to Hawaii. 


We can do this ethical, the right way and crush it.  


Just saying...  I'm doing this with or without you guys.  I will invest any amount of money in something like this because I believe CF is the future and Equifund is by far the best in the business.  

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