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you want physical?

By: Art_Vandalay

I still kind of like physical but a company like SAND or the bigger gold deals have a lot of room to run i think.  


The DEMS have a $4T bill on the floor.  Right has a $1T... All good for gold but if DEMS win, forget about it.  I see $3,000 minimum for gold.  

I am kind of an idiot, I got too much...  If you just want a little physical I can save you dough because the premium is so high right now.  It used to cost me $40 over spot for gold coins (1 ounce)...  Now much more.  Same silver... it used to cost me $1-$2 more than spot, now you tell me... 

insurance on our paper amigo.... an insurance policy that has big time upside to pay you


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