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Terrible news for the economy today

By: bigballss

GDP drops at historic levels. Unemployment up again. Likely change of power in DC with the Democrats taking over will worsen the economy, at least in the short run. ( topic further discusseD on politics board also known as the football board) The rich smell of money is in the air. A redistribution of wealth is coming. The suckers and the unfortunate are about to have their pockets picked by the shrewd. I only have a toe in the stock market, I can’t make money there. I need a drop in real estate values, a housing crisis. Real estate is still going strong, incredibly there is heavy competition for houses among buyers, the suckers? Mortgage delinquencies are at an 8 year high. But with democrats coming to power, look for foreclosure moratoriums and modification plans to prop up the real estate market. Let’s pray for a return of the short sale. Flips baby.
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