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Yes, I bought approx $33k worth


Years ago right after it had a  50% correction.  I was just randomly checking  stock values, and I was like holy sheet, what an opportunity.  Now it's worth $245k or so.    I did sell a few shares along the way when I was living in my car.  After the 4:1 split, I expect that $240k to be worth $700k plus in 5 years.  The iPhone 12 will fly off the shelf this winter.  1st 5G phone for Apple.  All phones OLED.   Camera even better, rivals any SLR under $2k. I've seen videos from PRO photographers and they say there is no reason for the average person to buy a SLR.  Pros need it for fast frame rate, but the picture quality is so close it's crazy. New core chip, more RAM, price the same. People are going to spend their Stimulus check on this phone.   It's being delayed until October for perfection. Most secure phone out there, unlike Android.   New laptop pro is now lighter than the the MacBook air so their getting rid of that Skew, which means more savings.   R&D is going full tilt on Apple Glasses, will revolutionize how people interact.   Think Billions.   Think another 4:1 split in 5 years.   RIP Steve Jobs.    Now this is all contingent on World events, I dont have looking glass, so who knows what the next 5 years will be like much less next 6 months. Another great depression and all bets are off. 

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