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Shark Tank bishezz

By: Art_Vandalay


This deal just had Neil Patel and Robert Herjavec send their subscribers this deal.  They did a 20 minute interview with her and they see how everyting is going delivery.  DROP blew up during COVID and now they need this money to customize their software for restaurants AND keep improving it for the cannabis space.  

The data they get from all these customers is crazy.  They know who likes what, how much they spend, what brands, etc.  A guy named Jeff Katz joined board and he sold his POS and Payments company for close to $3Billion. 

Just saying, this thing is going to $1M with or without any of us.  Throw in $100 and if it goes to $0 you can make fun of me.  If it goes to $2000 you got nudie bar money.  Either way, I'll let you know what happens..  ONe of the doctors on the board has shares in it and it ain't SC. If you got a better place to put your dough, now is the time to mention it.  Let's compare in a year.  If this company goes public as I expect, it will trade at least $50M valuation.. I think way higher but this raise is at only $8M.  


Just saying, i know $100 is a lot of money.  

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