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lol -

By: Art_Vandalay

well, it could bust, that's why its not sure money...

You don't get a 10 or 20 banger with no risk. 

All I can tell you, is the CEO of a holdings company with 120 Wendy's restaurants is in talks with them... If they land this deal, its a $250M company minimum.  The same guy owns 200 Krispy Creme's...  

If DROP transitions cleanly from Cannabis to Hopsitality forget about it.  

Time will tell.  ArtV bust, or not.   Hey Cleat, google my full name and PSIX..  who was the president?  when?  When did that stock hit $85 on NASDAQ?  PSIX, unlike BLQN, was a win.  2008-2009 econ collapse was the only reason BLQN didn't make it.  

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