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By: Art_Vandalay

yo BigB?   art_vandele at hotmail dude... wtf? 

FYI, I spoke to city of compton mayor.  Then she directed me to development master or some sheeeet... Nice guy, so long story short, we got a big time project.

Compton would consider giving us 2 properties touching my corner lot which makes for a nice freaking project if we follow some guidelines.  

No 7-11, no fast food but they do like quick serve like a Chipotle (I have my own ideas - ever had Miguels Jr or Miguels? Forget about it).   Mixed use is fine but maybe retail below for food, maybe something the community needs then above those we can do some offices or something.  Plenty of parking.  At first I was thinking, Liquor store, pot dispensary, Gun, Pawn shop but I'm not all about making money. 

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