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Miguels Jr bish

By: Art_Vandalay

Miguels is their parents.  

Try a chicken taco you dumb bish or a Potato burrito with chicken, some shit like that... Taquittos are good too but I would make a little better Guac.

You crazy.

Anybody beeen to Vegas?  Barstow Del Taco?  I had not been to a Del Taco in 30 years or so before I started hitting Barstow. Get 2 Barstow tacos, fries, etc. 

Trust me - way better than any other Del Taco.  Last thursday I hit a Del Taco just to taste diff.  People swore its same sheeet, not even... I trashed the taco..

The owner of Barstow is in Dana Point. He has the oldest 3 and his 3 are not under franchise rules. He makes his meet fresh everyday, does all kinds of things different.  I'm not saying this is the best taco in the world but certainly best value... fresh tomatos every time, etc.

What don't you like about Miguels?  My buddy introduced me said go to Miguells Jr, not Miguels but I heard its similar.  lots of similar sheeet.  They built a freaking empire 

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