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The Key

By: Art_Vandalay

i meet with head of whatever Develoment but if I give them and build what they want, they will consider throwing in their two properties, dirt lots (worth NOTHING next to my grandpas pile of sheeet on the corner)... It's a fawking eye sore so, my thought was, lets work with the people, city, and build what they want but they throw in the fawking property.  Also, you know how easy it will be to get plans stamped?  forget about it.  

Everybody wins.  City gets jobs, taxes, and the last corner of that intersection sweet...  I get a huge lot, paid off in full.   I wills ay this.  The Mayor was great, she referred me to this dude who has been responsive, easy to work with so far.  After lunch I'll have an idea of what they will do.  

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