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Investing idea

By: Art_Vandalay


throw $100...


Upside is i'm right and its a 10 banger or bigger. 


Downside you lose $100 and you get to make fun of me.  


THis deal is only raising $1M and almost there.  Next week you will see i got some big investors coming in - here is an article that came out yesterday in Forbes about the company. 



This team built an app in cannabis about 3 years ago and in the BETA test I sold it for them for $2.45M.  These guys know what they are doing, they are growing each month, its SAAS so high margin low overhead, etc.  

Oh, My bet is within 4 months they raise $10M at a valuation double to triple their first raise, this raise.


I'm on record. I think NDVN stock is a good one to look at.  Doesn't really trade, great team, they keep growing each quarter, low valuation, I know a few of the guys who put in the first $4M at about 40 cents 18 months ago.  They told me the company just hired a top VP of Microsoft and this guy has tons of options at 40 cents so he doesn't make millions unless stock goes to $5-$10 or higher.  He isn't doing this job for his health. He's earning less than he was at MSFT by far but way bigger upside.  NDVN at 40 cents...  BOOKIT - 


What else?  hmmmmmm...  I don't got nothing

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