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cannabis market in CA

By: Art_Vandalay

is tough man... I got people all over on both sides... but the legal guys are getting slammed because CA laws almost make it impossible for them to be profitable.  Since CA won't prosecute anybody, it makes no sense to be legal.  At least that I can think of.  I feel bad for the people doing it right. 

The smart growers steal electricity.  haha..  I would highly recommend if you want to play in Cannabis, I like Tech like this DROP because its a very high upside for a low risk.  This company is going public, that's why they are working with me...  So I'll get them to the promised land and I guarantee you they will be trading at least at $50M valuation (could be $1M but my best guess is well over $50M )... 

With DROP, its only good right now for DELIVERY... if they want to deliver but they are working on a product that works or ties into the API of the POS of the Dispensary.  DROP also has a great POS so they are also working on one stop shop for dispesnary and dilvery.  


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