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Question is

By: the909trojan

who's going to win? Unless the democrats actually vote it won't matter. Democrats imo don't vote to their numbers. Hell half the country doesn't vote. The riots won't help their cause at all. Meanwhile the repubs are mobilizing in a big way, Lincoln project not withstanding. At least that's the feel some of my more politically minded friends are sharing. People can gripe about a lot of things, but it doesn't mean anything unless they vote. Minorities and young people historically don't vote well, and that's a hit for dems. A big hit.


As it stands now it woudn't surprise me to see a repeat of Gore and Bush with Biden winning popular vote but losing electoral. Only this time with the popular win being bigger than ever before. Which will really add salt to the wounds of the democrats. They will likely make gains in the senate house now and maybe more at midterms. 


Honestly does anybody even have a clue how this election will end up? 



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