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One thing Lexo - serious ? for blacks

By: Art_Vandalay

I grew up in LB and to this day, treat everybody great... until I was 20 or so I didn't see color, neither did buddies..

Now- thanks to your people and fake news, I hate to say it becuas there are great black people (Not you but good ones) that don't cry 365 days a year that life isn't fair for blacks but instead work hard and kick butt..

I feel bad for normal black people that love AMerica but now, when I see a black guy who is doing well I think, "He only got into college because he got to score 300 points lower on the SAT or he's only a fire captain because they had to give blacks promotions, or he's only the CEO becaus the company wants to trick investors into helping black comapnies"  

Do you think this handout sheeeet is good for black people?  if we can get a black woman to run a construction business, we would win EVERY bid on construction jobs for anything federal or even state owned..  Schools, gov buildings, etc... My USC Mexican buddy used to paint houses.. my buddy from Servite's dad told his poor mexican painter could he handle a big job.... so he got this beaner a big school to paint...  Fast forward 10 years, the beaner is RICHER than my buddies dad with a huge painting copmany... His kid David, took it over but these beaners started a competiting construction company to my Servite buddies deal and these guys win jobs with higher quotes than my white buddies company.

Just saying, if you blacks think you don't have enough privilage in this country, especially in CA, you are truly pathetic and you are doing a huge damage to future blacks...  All we need to do is invest in black communtiies minus the corruption... you donkeys steal all the money that goes into those communities before it gets used.

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