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STOCK PICKS for 2021

By: Art_Vandalay


1. CYBIN.com $1.77 or so today - guys i know on board, just raised $45M at about 75 cents.  If you are smart, throw down $10,000.  The thing is there is no US SYmbol yet so only way to get it is Canadian broker... Within 30 days they will have US and apply to NASDAQ.. by then, it could be too late to get in at this level.  If you want a number, you can have acount open in 24 hours.  

2.  JUVAF - Canadian Cannabis deal, i like this one but would sell it it goes over $2.00 as I hope and expect.  $1.17 today.

3.  DFLYF - DRONE deal, $1.60 - i don't love this one but I think it goes to $2.00 in the next 15 days.  Structure is too loose so maybe skip on this one.  




1. NDVN I still like... i think I mentioned this thing but great company... just hired big time VP From MSFT and he only makes money as ALL his options are at 40 cents so -- he didn't leave MSFT for nothing.  


I got more but - I own all these by the way.. they could all go to $0.00 but I've been holding and buying this sheeeeet.  

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